Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with how matter interacts and behaves with various constituents of the atmosphere including air, water and solid substances.

There are several chemistry notes that maintain an account of the periodic table and the historic Mendeleef’s laws. However, many more elements have been discovered since the last century. These discoveries of elements and their behavior with respect to the position in the periodic table have been reported in various journals. The reactions of acids and bases can also be studied as part of chemistry updates. The updates help unravel the mysteries still related to the body and the chemical variations. There is a fine line of difference between science blogging and science journalism.

A simple activity to see the difference between the gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria , which uses the principle of assessing the level of peptidoglycan, which is present in a higher proportion in case of the gram-positive ones. Upon suspicion of infection, gram stains are performed on biopsy or body fluid.

A specialized branch of chemistry that deals with life processes is known as biochemistry. As it provides clue to most of the phenomenon, the subject includes body processes and the development of compounds to treat various physiological and morphological irregularities like skin disorders.

In the information space, various peer-reviewed chemistry special journals on various specific topics pertaining to chemistry are published by scientific bodies. Relevant discoveries are reported in online posts in the form of chemistry blog with proper citation of the primary news report. Certain publications regularly follow and report about the scientific research conducted on the behavior of complex compounds in chemistry daily, along with the potential use and application.

Experiments to learn the principles of chemistry require certain safety norms including fire-proof measures, especially when these are taken up by elementary school students. Various lab exercises include activities for easy and interesting learning that boosts the spirit of chemistry fun.

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