Chemistry Fun

Teaching and learning is a continuous cycle that can be made interesting through practical lab sessions that are fruitful to the learning process. Several experiments exhibit acid-base phenomenon and the solubility of various salts and crystals in water.

Chemistry graduates with experience can propel them to a new experience of teaching. Interaction between compounds can be learned easily with simple demonstrations and activities that constitute the part of chemistry fun.

A bag can be used to witness how an acid-base reaction takes place by filling in some vinegar that is made to react with baking soda spread within a folded tissue. The package can be placed and observed from a distance to witness a blast as a result of the accumulating gas, providing chemistry fun.

Also of interest in learning chemistry is to observe the fatty acids form blobs inside a bottle. The activity can be taken up in the laboratory or even at home, with proper supervision from an adult teacher or guide.

Water conservation and its interaction with other components of the ecosystem is also studied. An activity can be performed to detect sulfur dioxide compounds reacting to form sulfurous acid with water for chemistry fun.


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