Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry deals exclusively with the organic compounds. The study of carbon compounds is of specific interest to the scientific chemistry community. As carbon has a unique configuration, it enables to form compounds with hydrogen, nitrogen and other elements in big numbers. The most basic compound in organic chemistry is ethane.

Organic compounds, like propane and butane, are used for commercial and industrial uses. Other useful compounds are acetic acid and chloroform.  Phosphorus, sulfur, oxygen and other forms of halogens also bond with carbon to form other diverse carbon compounds.

The branching is present in various forms. There is no limit to the types of carbon-atoms chains. The way they could in turn form compounds with other elements. There are many forms in which hydrogen attach to the carbon-atom branches and each variation is destined to make a separate compound with distinct properties. These properties dictate how the compound behaves in certain medium. They react accordingly with water, air, and other elements. This is a part of the studies in organic chemistry.

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