General Chemistry

Chemistry has brought many products for general human use. Several compounds such as baking soda and washing soda are consumed in large amounts by fulfilling day-to-day needs. This is possible as general chemistry deals with overall study of molecules and atoms.

The behavior of molecules and the various possible bonds and structures that can be formed with other elements in order to complete the valence electrons can be found as a result of advanced studies, origins of which lie in general chemistry. Pauli’s and Auf Bau principle determine the energy levels of electrons in the orbital. It has been proven that the increased stability of high multiplicity states is a decrease in the screening of electron-nuclear attractions.

Chemical products like bars and detergents carry specific properties that are classified accordingly into cationic and anionic detergents. Scientists have lately identified biocatalysts in ice-creams and soaps that can manipulate hydrocarbon compounds to create fuels.

The Mendeleev periodic table was a major breakthrough in the early advances of chemistry. Spiral form of periodic table was proposed by Theodor Benfey in 1960, and the various forms of the table also relied on quantum physics according to the revelations made by relevant scientists.


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